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We provide local and nationwide Smart Home Consulting, Sales, Service and Installation to control your home or business. Thanks to platforms established by Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Google and others, we can now offer Smart Home Automation without the need for expensive and confusing proprietary systems that can run thousands of dollars for hardware and installation. Using wireless technology we can have the Smart Home we dream of using voice commands and mobile devices. There’s no costly cabling, no time consuming and no hard to schedule installations wasting your time and resources. Now that’s Smart! Schedule your Pre-Sales phone call today to learn more!


Your time is valuable. MHC provides open access to our calendar so you can schedule the time that works best for you.


Our Pre-Sales Experts will work with you from start to finish ensure sure every product is the one that best services your unique goals and needs. No auto attendants. Real people service your real needs.


Our Pre-Sales Experts will provide you with a written sales quote and once approved we will begin shipping your products!


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Mobility Home Control Consulting Services:

Choosing Your Platform

The first step in making your home SMART will be to select the mobile platform to control your home based on your needs and end goals. Our team will advise you of key features and benefits and ensure everything works seamlessly. Our expertise in streamlining your request means you won’t be fumbling between multiple apps to control different parts of your home.

Wireless Consulting

Not all wireless is created equal. Ensuring your wireless network is robust is as important as selecting the appropriate mobile platform. Powerful and reliable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology is key to supporting the products available today. And we are here to help! Our Team has over 15 years of experience in wireless technology. We’ve build large network integrations in schools, medical facilities, airports and numerous businesses. Our largest network features over 600 access points and 7000 users and devices. Your home is in good hands.

Lighting Consulting

We love having fun with lighting. Lighting can transform your home for relaxation, study and work, dining and entertaining. The array of products available means the sky is the limit. Our automation programs take your lighting scenes to the next level. How about programming your lights to automatically match your daily habits? Beyond voice commands and using your app, imagine having the lights turn off and on around your schedule? After a long day at the office, the lights come on to greet you as you enter your home. Specialty lighting products can provide an extra layer of Interior Design to make your home reflect your tastes and mood, day or night. Beautiful.

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